Saturday, June 11, 2011

2011: A SANMUN Odyssey

Greetings MUNers in Chennai and wherever else you follow this blog.

I'm happy to announce the return of SANMUN for the sixth consecutive time at Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School. It's going to be on July 29, 30 and 31. The invitation and agenda will be released on Monday, June 13th. You can post queries about prep and registration on this blog.

Also, we're thinking of having a sixth committee this time around, but we aren't sure what you guys would want. Therefore, suggestions for a sixth committee will be entertained.

We embark on a journey towards mock diplomacy. See you there!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Committees and Agendas

This is going to be pretty basic, nothing of the class that my predecessor had *sniff sniff*...

Disarmament Committee:
  1. Fall of weapons into the hands of terrorist organizations.
  2. Iran and North Korea's nuclear program and their erratic nature in negotiations.
  3. Regulation of sale of weapons across international borders.
Environment Commission (UNEP):
  1. Sustainable ways to conserve and equitably share biological diversity for development, maintaining and enhancing the beneficial services provided by natural ecosystems.
  2. Post-Copenhagen strategy adoption for climate change.
  3. Marine pollution cause, effects and solution (oil spills, water pollution, etc)
Human Rights Commission (HRC):
  1. The rights of non-Islamic countries to discuss the Sharia laws and their Jurisdiction in the HRC.
  2. Protection and rehabilitation of civilians (refugees) in war torn areas.
  3. Issue of the use of children as child militia or as objects of trade.
Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC):
  1. Euro zone crisis - fall of the Euro.
  2. Millenium Development Goals - reduction of poverty by 2015.
  3. Food crisis and solution.
Security Council (UNSC):
  1. Evaluation of the situation in Cyprus.
  2. Israel-Palestine conflict and Middle East volatility: current developments including Israel's blockade of the Gaza strip and the increasing tensions between Turkey, Israel and Iran.
  3. The increasing threat of terrorism to international security.

Hello, delegates

Hello everyone...this blog was set up after it's predecessor,, crashed quite unceremoniously. Basically this blog will provide the information that was on the previous site, as well as give you posts about how the day went, hopefully in real time updates during the MUN.

We at SANMUN want you guys, the delegates, to feel comfortable at the MUN as well as have a good time and enjoy the world of debate. It's in 2 days, so it's going to be awesome.

The MUN will kick off at 9:00 a.m. on August 21st, 2010, at Sankara's auditorium with our Secretary General, Abhishek Subramanian addressing the delegates. After that, the delegates will be escorted to their committees, where the General Speaker's List will begin.

With this blog, we hope to post photos, possibly videos and a lot of infos on one of Chennai's premier MUNs.

The SANMUN Committee also has something to say...

Hello delegates,

SANMUN '10 inaugral ceremony will begin on Saturday 21st August at 9.30 AM SHARP.

The sessions will be from 9.30 to 4 on Saturday and Sunday. Closing ceremony and prize distributon will take place after lunch on Monday. So please make neccessary arrangements. Lunch will be served inside campus.

All delegates must have position papers for all the topics specified for the committee, ready on the first day of MUN and the delegations must submit their country profiles to any of the board members on 21st.

Looking forward to see you all on saturday and All the best.

SANMUN organizing committee.